Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching ‘with Richard’ is a one to one success strategy programme, that is bespoke to you.  If you want to live a truly prosperous life…take action and get in touch.

life coach is a type of wellbeing professional.  Richard Brown helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfilment and true prosperity. Richard aids his clients in improving their relationships, careers,  philosophy, thinking and happiness. In creating these strategies, Richard identifies the the real power in you and creates the vision to match your dreams. 

Richard Brown would not consider his coaching to be, therapy or counselling.  Therapists and Consellors are the specialists in making people ‘whole again’.  Richard’s strategies take the healthy person and then they take their own action and achieve their potential; in being prosperous, happy and fulfilled.

Richard Brown’s Coaching helps you set  goals and achieve prosperity.  Consultation may help you recognise and solve your problems in your life. As a coach, Richard will challenge you frequently! Ensuring you are on track, taking action and focussed on your sucess.  A counsellor or consultant may be a shoulder to lean on, personal support, empathy and hopefully understanding.

Free Consultation

Many people are hesitant and understandably so, to commit themselves to change.  The first step is the hardest and Richard Brown makes that short and simple to say yes, to…as it’s FREE.  Maybe the best 15 minutes for free you’ll get. Email now!

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